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Owning a Static Caravan gives you the freedom of owning a real home away from home, with your own holiday caravan you have the freedom to Static Caravan Traders choose unlimited holidays at a moment’s notice, and you can even make extra money from turning your spare weeks into holiday rental income.


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Owning a static caravan is a great lifestyle investment that offers you the freedom to holiday as often as you like Static Caravan Trader without check-in and check-out times, and offer a genuinely less stressful alternative to owning a traditional holiday home or apartment due to the fact that you benefit from the parks able aggregation getting on duke to not alone advance the esplanade and area but aswell abetment with any issues that ability appear over time.

The seller told me that his sister was currently living in it until the end of the season, but we told him that we were only going to use it for a couple of months to do some house hunting in the area, and then sell it on for Static caravan valuation the following season, so we did not buy it. We kept our number and contacted again this year, again he told me that the caravan was up for sale and still had a few months site fees paid.

For example, if you bought your caravan new and the site has a common date of 1st January, your caravan could in fact turn one, three months after Sell my static you bought it. So many sites simplify things by saying that any caravan brought new on site after xx date will still be classed as new on 1st January.

Unfortunately as Right Price Statics is a small independent business, the caravan park does not offer finance packages to assist with purchasing a caravan What we can do is accept a significant non-refundable deposit of a few thousand pounds.

Due to Health & Safety regulations it may not be possible to offer you this option on some of our more developed locations, due to the Static Caravan Traders distance between Right Price Statics, however where possible we will Endeavour to provide this option at an additional charge. For more information, please visit our site

Static Caravan to sell


If you require cost effective, quality Worcester Bosch heating engineers who are endorsed by which?  A caravan, being a chattel, is not as such ratable but if enjoyed with the land in such circumstances and with sufficient permanence Static Caravan Traders that annexation to a defined pitch can be inferred, then the value of the caravan falls to be included in the assessment sees Right Price Statics.

If you’re inquiring with commendations to what your band on addition esplanade is worth, with a view to part ex on to one of our parks then this varies depending on: condition, age, make and Static caravan valuation model – the best analogy is to use cars.

As the owner of the ‘free’ caravan you would be responsible for pitch fees that average around £3,000 a year, about £250 a year for water and rates, Static Caravan Trader around £300 a year for gas and electricity, and you would also have to pay for Caravan Holiday Home insurance which costs between £200-300 a year.

We would dispute that the caravan is worth nothing as we am aware of a number of companies who buy older second hand caravans and then sell them on. On that basis it might be worth finding out if a company would be willing to buy it to see if you could make some money out of the sale that way (you’d still need to pay the site the commission).

With shops and inns only a minutes’ walk from the Park entrance and a direct access to the Village bowling green where Lawn Bowls can be enjoyed by all in the Sell my static shadow of the licensed clubhouse), this unique Riverside setting provides a perfect ambience for relaxation in the comfort of your own Right Price Statics. For more information, please visit our site

A Fair Price for Our Caravan


Find atlas static caravans on Right Price Statics, the #1 site for caravans for sale. Static Caravan to sell caravan 2 bedrooms 6 berth atlas oasis new beach.

We are accessible six canicule a anniversary and seven canicule a anniversary in the summer at our Sales Centers. Our friendly, experienced sales team is committed to making sure that our customers find exactly what they are looking for and all at a price that they can afford. If you Static Caravan Trader  are looking for a used static caravan for sale then our sales centre is open all year round. Our sales centre is easily accessible for those looking for a used static caravan to buy as well as further afield.

The Vogue exemplifies the quality and finish you would expect from a premium, flagship product. With strong emphasis on detail and finish culminating in a harmonious blend of original design cues. The modern well equipped kitchen and dedicated dining area with its feature Static Caravan Buyer  canopy leads to the spacious lounge via sliding doors. The master bedroom includes en-suite shower room and generous walk-in wardrobe as well as a family bathroom with full sized bath. By choosing the Vogue you’re opting for the ultimate in luxury holiday home accommodation.

When considering the purchase of a used caravan, always ensure that you talk to both the caravan owner and the park owner to ensure that both parties are happy with the sale. It is in the interest of park owners to attract new customers with new vans, so ensuring that they are happy with you moving into an existing unit is vital. You don’t want to spend good money on a caravan, only to find yourself in the middle of a dispute! For more information, please visit our site

Used Static Caravans for Sale


If you require cost effective, quality Worcester Bosch heating engineers who are endorsed by which? Static Caravan Trader  as Trusted Traders then looks no further.

Having recently purchased one of your static caravans (which is giving me a lot of pleasure),we can’t acknowledge you and your agents enough. The sitting of my band  was a hard task for you and the Static Caravan Buyer guys, but you came up with the goods as promised. It gives me peace of mind knowing if there are any problems in the future you will be at the end of the phone eagerly wanting to help.

If your unit is able to stay on site, one of the most obvious ways to earn the most from your unit in a private sale is to give it a really good clean. This may seem like a mammoth task Sell my Static Caravan at first but once you’ve de-cluttered the space inside for resale, cleaning internal surfaces is much easier. A clutter-free static is particular attractive to a private seller.

Many individuals prefer to defend myself against the obligation of promoting the static caravan as well as trade directly using the public. A personal transaction can provide many advantages within the alternative choices, but it will mean much more time as well as effort is required to ensure an effective sale. Additionally, it might be possible to obtain a higher provide price for that caravan inside a private deal, but it’s than essential to consider the additional costs that could be relevant. It’s worth looking into the costs, regulations as well as restrictions a vacation park has in position for a personal transaction that happens on their own grounds. Extra expenses can connect with holiday recreation area fees as well as transportation. For more information, please visit our site

Buying a Static Caravan


For a free, no obligation valuations of your static caravan simply enter your make in the box above and provide some basic details. Anyone who takes advantage of the abreast endemic changeless caravans for auction at the adjacent Sea appearance Holiday Home Park will be accustomed admission to these aforementioned accessories as allotment of their anniversary website fees, with this resort getting amid just up the alley from Beach.

The more organized parks will often have a pre-planned experience for people who are there to look at purchasing a caravan or lodge – that might Static Caravan Traders sound a bit staged but it’s often just a company’s way of ensuring that no matter who you talk to you leave with all the information you need.

There’s a possibility that you might find the odd window or door moves slightly out of line as the caravan settles and you wander around, don’t worry about this kind of thing at all, it’s perfectly normal and the park will be able to rectify it Sell my Static Caravan without any disruption, plus it gives you a chance to have a walk up to the office and have a look at the other caravans parked on the show ground that have got great part-exchange deals available on them – but that’s a story for another day…!

If the license you were given at the time you moved onto the park has not expired and you no longer want to continue caravanning, any contract Static Caravan Buyer term or rule which prevents you selling, giving or bequeathing the caravan to another suitable person could be challenged as unfair. For more information, please visit our site

Static Caravan Valuation


Right Price Statics, a leading sales advisor and sales manager within the Static Caravan Holiday Home Industry from many years. We just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help and support Static Caravan Traders with our sale of the caravan, you really made it much simpler and hassle free we apperceive you do this all the time but for us we accept never done it afore and acknowledge what you did.

Second hand statics are worth nothing off site, and normally when you sell a percentage has to be paid to the site owner so when everyone on our site buggered off he didn’t care as when they sold the van they had to pay him 2 grand for every static that they sold.

If you are looking for a relaxing caravan park for your next touring caravan holiday then take a look at our touring caravan Static Caravan Buyers pitch availability to book your next trip and experience the quaint country lifestyle Caravan Park has to offer. We offer the best price for all static caravans and can provide a quick and simple solution to selling your static caravan. To reinstate the caravan would be another £1000 but no-one else in the family would be allowed to use it, which he couldn’t afford, alternatively the site would buy it back at about half the initial price or transport it to another site for a couple of thousand and no refund on the site fees.

As for the drive test we think it would depend on the price, if it is several thousands of pounds then this would seem reasonable, Sell my Static Caravan less than 3K then maybe a lot of hassle for the seller, maybe better taking an experienced caravan user to check with you. For more information, please visit our site