Select and Buy a Static Caravan

gfgSelling your static caravan is a big decision and you should think long and hard about what to do. Talk to your family and friends, speak to fellow caravan owners and weigh up the pros and cons. This year alone we’ve had around half a dozen calls from people wishing to relocate from their large commercial park, as they could be with us, by the sea, paying half the site fees they were paying and they don’t have to rent their caravan out to pay their bills. Park home estates also nearly always come with a 12 month license, meaning owners can live there all year round and are free to static caravan valuation sell any other properties they may own, which crucially frees up money locked in to a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ home.

The static caravans for sale website offers you a unique listing of static caravans sited and ready to enjoy at a wide range of parks across the UK. The site is sell my static frees for sellers to use – both private sellers and the parks themselves – so we hope that over time we will have literally thousands for you to choose from.

Look no further to purchase your dream home away from home, with our wide variety of new static caravans for Static Caravan Buyer sale across the country we are confident that you will find something perfect for you and your family to enjoy all year round! If you are purchasing another caravan then you may want to take all or most of the contents with you, however if you are not (or if at all possible) including the contents in the sale Static Caravan to sell price can be a big plus point as it saves the buyer from having to pay to kit the caravan out, it also means that if they plan to offer the caravan for hire then it can be almost good to go. For more information, please visit our site


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